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You will need to set up a new account as the system has been updated for our new location. Adriana's Pet Designs @ Pretty Paws. 08727 34th St, Gobles MI 49055. If this is your first time with the new scheduling system please add  your vet in the comment box when making your reservation so we may verify vaccines before your appointment. All pets are required to have an up to date Bordetella vaccine administered 10 days prior to your grooming appointment.  You may text a picture of vaccine record to 269.628.5033.

Step 1: Select the size of your pet.

Step 2: Select the Grooming Service Requesting

Bath & Brush

Bath & Brush + Deshed/ Brushout

 Bath & Brush + Short Haircut

Bath & Brush + Long Haircut

This service is for short hair ( less than a 1/2 inch) dogs. This includes smooth coats, ex. labs, chihuahuas, and long hair or curly  coated dogs with short hair not requiring an all over haircut. This is for dual coated dogs (ex. husky, golden retriever, shepherds), as well as long hair or curly coated dogs with more than 1/2 inch of hair that require extra brushing, but not an all over hair cut. This service is for all hair types wanting body hair length at a 1/2 inch or shorter. Head & tail may be left longer than 12 inch as long as hair condition permits.

This service is for all hair types wanting a fluffy, teddy bear, or breed cut leaving the skirt or body length at longer than a 1/2 inch. (We will not perform this service on animals with severe matting. Other options will be discussed at check in.)


Step 3: Select your preferred groomer  & time.

*Prices are approximate and may vary at groomers discretion based on level of difficulty.*

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